Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I need a little Christmas

I hate Captivate, the television in elevators. Just about everything they post is irrelevant, stupid, biased or a combination of the three. That said, they had a poll this morning that I thought was a little interesting (They're big fans of polls over at Captivate, because it drives traffic to their site which adds up to more advertising dollars for them. I never go to their polls). The question was:

What holiday song best captures your mood this season?

Without a doubt, for me it's "We Need a Little Christmas." Tomorrow night marks the final session for one of my classes. Next Thursdays is the last day of my other. And starting on 12/19 I'm away from work for two weeks for vacation. Never have I felt like I needed a break more. I'm pooped! I can't wait to sleep in, read lots of novels, see season 3 of Dexter, and bake. It's going to be glorious.

What song captures your moods?


rena said...

I agree with everything you said about Captivate but it is the only thing that got me through 16 floors of fashionistas gabbing every day for 6 years :)

ellebee said...

I love Joy to the World at Christmas - it's such a good loud song. :) How great that you are taking two weeks off - enjoy your vacation and the holiday!

Tina said...

My absolute fave X-mas tune is Santa Baby - the version by Elaine from Ally McBeal. It just makes me smile.

And your holiday sounds DIVINE! Hang in there, sweet. School's almost out!

We don't have Captivate over here, that I've seen anyway, and I'm actually kinda glad now. Sounds like Picture Muzak on depressants. EEEEEK

Dorrie said...

See - I hate Christmas right now because I hate shopping and I'm always behind.
There's this great Tom Lehrer song "A Christmas Carol" that goes, "Angels we have heard on high - tell us to go out and buy!" That runs through my head a lot...

Kris said...

Your vacation sounds like the vacation I need!!! :)