Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hangover

Todd and I treated ourselves to a viewing of The Hangover as a remedy for my homework hangover yesterday.

This movie isn't amazing. It won't win any prestigious awards. It's definitely not going down as a classic of movie making. There are a few missteps including the totally fey Asian high roller–turned-kidnapper. Plenty of this movie stops making sense if you think about it too hard.

All that said, it made me laugh a lot. It's more a string of funny scenes and moments than anything else, but that still adds up to a whole lot of funny. I think seeing it in the theater played to its favor: the crowd obviously liked it, and being surrounded by all that laughter makes you want to laugh more. And once you're primed to laugh by the good moments, some of the merely ok moments make you laugh, too.

I feel hesitant to really recommend it, because I can see its flaws pretty clearly. But after a long, boring day in front of my computer thinking about how to position Cialis, of all things, I really enjoyed this movie. It really delivered the laughs, and sometimes that's all a comedy should do.