Friday, February 22, 2008

Favorite Movie of 2007

The Oscars are this Sunday, and I’ve already submitted my ballot for the pool I’m in. Keep your fingers crossed that I walk away with some cold hard cash!

As usual, there is very little overlap between the movies nominated by the Academy and those that struck gold at the box office. So, which of the movies that sold out opening weekend did you like best? I freely admit that this list doesn’t represent the absolute top six grossers of the year, just the ones that I, very unscientifically, am choosing to highlight. That said, which is your favorite movie of the year? If it’s not listed here, tell me your favorite in a comment.


Chocolat said...

What no Fools Gold or I Am Legend? Don't you like the best pecks in showbiz?

I voted for Juno, because it was the only movie that had real emotion this year.