Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Purchase

I made my way to Target early this morning (that's early according to Tori-time, not Rena-time) and got myself a new dresser. I've been talking about getting a dresser since I moved into the new apartment, half-baking some Ikea plan but never actually making my way across the GWB.

Of course, once I got to Target, the list was partially forgotten as I shopped around, eventually coming home with a mini wallet for small-purse outings, a butter dish, a sauce pan, and I forget what else.

I haven't put the dresser together yet, which is really for the best. This afternoon I left the box in the living room and went out for a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. When I got back, Camilla, in her infinite pukeyness had thrown up on the box. Better the box than hopping up on the new dresser and getting sick there, at least!


rg said...

Poor Camilla! Did you come up to the Target near me?

Tina said...

I miss Target sooo much! Sorry to hear Camilla isn't feeling well. Did you buy an electric screwdriver? They're absolutely essential for this stuff!