Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello all! I feel like I’m just coming up for air after a busy couple of weeks, and I’ve missed blogging and keeping in touch. I owe lots of people emails and am generally ignoring everyone right now—it’s not personal!

While you’d think that half way through the semester I’d be adjusted to the new schedule, you’d be wrong. I’m in what I believe to be a temporary lull (low point?) between the excitement of starting this program and the point at which I’m fully adjusted to both the early morning hours and the added work. All will be fine, but I’m finding myself crashing early fairly often and simply unable to make myself stay at the computer when my work is finally done (hence the lack of emails and blogging).

Here’s a snapshot of some of what I’ve been up to:

School (duh). I’ve survived two group projects and been reminded of both the good and bad of working this way. The bad: I always feel like I’m doing more than at least half the group, and often more than everyone. I realize that this can’t always be true, but damn does it feel that way. The good: I’ve found a couple of people in my program that I really like. It’s definitely better to have people to drink with after class and with whom to trade papers. This last was especially helpful in my last assignment. It was a public relations assignment, and I have no experience whatsoever in PR. My prof has a unique approach, where class discussions are always engaging, the frequent guest speakers are great (last week: Peter Shankman who was fabulously interesting), and we never, ever talk about the shit he wants us to prove we know in our homework. Oh, yeah, and there’s no textbook. So basically we’re on our own to figure out what he wants us to know for the papers. It’s actually not an approach I’m particularly fond of, being intolerant of ambiguity as I am. Luckily, two of the friends I’ve made have worked in PR and were really valued resources.

Because we’re talking about media all the time in these classes, I’ve also seen a few random YouTube clips that have gone viral but somehow passed me by. I’ll share them in the next few days in case you guys missed the “Where is Matt” and “Charlie Bit My Finger” boats, too.

Now that I have a few minutes to write, I’m going to get some posts ready for the next couple of days, too. I’m back in the blogosphere (at least until I remember how much homework I have...)!


rena said...

Welcome back! You were missed :)