Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Crock

Yesterday, in our adventures in shopping, Todd and I picked up a crock pot. We're constantly devising ways to try to make cooking at home more enticing and are hoping that this new gadget and our subsequent ability to come home to ready-made meals will help us forgo restaurants. It came with a little cookbook of slowly-cooking recipes, but I'd love to know of any favorites meals you slow cookers out there have. Send 'em my way, and thanks!


Leslie said...

Oh . . . you already know my favorite, not to mention the easiest! As you girls named it . . "Rice & Stuff Stew"! lol

Veronica said...

Oh, I have a couple of good ones at home...I'll have to remember to send them to you. One of my favorites is a chicken and rice dish that reminds me a lot of Rice & Stuff Stew -- which of course is a favorite, but as Mike hates mushrooms, not really viable at my house.

Also, McCormick makes some slow-cooker spice packets with recipes on the back that are pretty good. We use the beef stew one a lot, and there's also one for an Italian chicken. I can't remember the others.

rena said...

I almost bought one last week. Let me know how you like it!