Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Under the Weather

This is a bad week to be sick, but here I am nursing a cold anyway. I felt it coming on yesterday morning and came to work anyway, thinking that I might feel better if I just got up and moving around. It quickly became evident that wasn’t the case, and I packed it in around noon. I slept for most of the afternoon and sat lazily on my couch when I wasn’t sleeping.

Unfortunately, I’m back in the full swing of classes after spring break and a fairly light homework load last week. And it’s reunion weekend at work. I have to attend all day Saturday for a filming project we’re working on, which means that the rest I need isn’t as readily available as I’d like.

I’m trying to power through, though, and employing every home remedy I know. So far today I’ve taken a vitamin C pill and eaten an orange. I’ve downed a cup of Emergen-C, and I’ve been drinking lots of hot tea and water. So far I don’t feel healthy, but I do have to pee a lot.

If any of you know more tips and tricks to get over a cold quickly, please let me know. A lunch time run to Duane Reade is probable, so I can load up on zinc, echinacea, and whatever else you all swear by.


rena said...

Garlic! I swear it works!
My favorite way to eat it, so I can down it quickly, is to heat up a little tomato sauce, crush some fresh garlic in there and dunk some bread in. It will over in a flash but you'll smell like garlic for a while :)

rena said...

Feel better!

Dorrie said...

I have no tricks other than the ones you already know about. But I hope that you feel better soon!

Leslie said...

I hoped you would be feeling better today, but doesn't sound like it . . . . You already know all my tricks! Get better soon!

Veronica said...

Being sick sucks! If you have the same thing I had last week (terrible cough, sinus ick, exhaustion, but no fever) I highly recommend Robitussin. I know, it's not a home remedy. But I took it every four hours last week in the thick of my sickness, and while I never felt well from it, I was able to get through most days without napping. Including the NEPF photo shoot, which was 5 hours outside in the cold on a New England beach looking like a fierce pirate instead of the sicky I really was.

Tina said...

I'm with Veronica on this one. The tried and true 'Vitamin C Set' of remedies is a good healthy addition, but I'm all about the better living through chemicals. Bring on the Dayquil and get through it. :)

Feel better very soon!