Monday, March 23, 2009


Todd and I spent Saturday putting up the shelves we got at Ikea. The first shelf, of course, took the longest and included several trips to the hardware store in order to get space-aged screws that would actually bite into the studs hidden here, there, and everywhere in the walls. Todd really proved himself better than Bob Vila, though, and not only are these shelves up, they are not coming down--ever. The are as secure as secure can be. And when I wanted to take a nap halfway through the day, Todd made us power through. I'm so glad he did, because we put up every shelf we had. We still want to buy a couple for the bathroom and bedroom, but that includes another trip to to the Swedes or perhaps a more local run to Home Depot.

Seeing these empty shelves makes the whole moving in process seem more real. Even though we've been planning the big move for a while, until we started adjusting the apartment it somehow still felt far away. Now I realize that it's happening in 5 weeks, which isn't actually so far from now. I think next weekend I'll start packing. I really don't feel like living amongst boxes for ages, but I think the time has come. I've already brought over about 50% of my kitchen, and my clothes have gradually been moving in for a while, too. My fingers are crossed that what's left will be easy to pack up.


Tina said...

Woo hooo!!! And Go Todd on the DIY (Do It Yourself/Bob Vila) front!

One of my worst nights in my first ever solo apartment in Denver is when the entire bookshelf that I put together collapsed at about 3am. It sounded like someone had crashed through the wall. I was TERRIFIED.

Secure as secure can be shelves - we like that. :)