Thursday, March 26, 2009

Want to Pay More but Get Less?

If so, come to New York and ride the subway.

The MTA board yesterday approved sweeping fare hikes and toll reductions. Subway and bus fare will go up from $2 a ride to $2.50. A monthly unlimited card will go from $81 to $103. And my condolences to anyone who rides the express buses (now up to $6.50 per ride).

And what do we get for all this extra money we’re shelling out? Less. We get less. 35 bus routes are being eliminated; 2 subway lines are dead. Frequency of trains on many, many other lines will decrease.

The NYC system serves two-thirds of all the mass transit riders in the entire country. The Chicago El, the Boston T, the DC Metro...combined they serve half of what New York’s transit system covers. Albany has failed New Yorkers struggling to pay for an already overcrowded system in an economy where each dollar has to go further than it used to, and it has failed to support a system that encourages people to “go green” by taking mass transit.


ellebee said...

Yikes - I don't want to become one of those old timey people who say "back in my day, the subway token only cost $1," but the new rate seems exorbitant!

rena said...

$6.50 for the express bus?! Holy crap! I will never understand where all that money goes.

Tina said...

That's dreadful. And I can't believe they're not rioting! :)

Veronica said...

Though the Boston MBTA hasn't done anything more than spread vile rumors so far, they're talking about the same sort of crap. Simultaneously raising fares by (the rumors say) 25% and reducing service.