Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Move: With Cat But Without Furniture

As per Rena’s request, here’s the latest on my moving situation.

I’ve moved! Sort of, anyway. Last Thursday night, Todd and I went out for a delicious pasta dinner at Carmines. It was the site of one of our first dates, so there was a nice synchronicity to eating there again just as I was about to move in. We left extra full of carbs and Todd headed back to his place with 28 pounds of litter (too heavy for me — I plan on ordering all future litter from Fresh Direct) and I went back to my apartment to pick up Camilla.

This cat of mine is not much of a traveler. Wander lust? Not so much. She’s quite happy staying right where she is and lets you know it as soon as you try to put her into her carrier. She fought me, as always, but eventually I zipped her in and then just had to listen to her cry the whole time she was trapped inside. Luckily our apartments are only ten blocks from each other, so it was a short if meow-filled cab ride.

Once there, Camilla did the standard freaked-out cat thing where she scoped the place out while walking super low to the ground. She’s a little chubby, so it doesn’t take much crouching before her belly touches the ground, but she was doing it nonetheless. She quickly found a couple of good hiding places (mostly under beds) but hasn’t had to make much use of them. She seems to have adjusted quite admirably, really.

Tonight the kids come over for the first time since we’ve moved in, and I suspect she’ll spend more than a little time stressing out again. The kids have historically been very good with her, though, never chasing her, tugging on her tail, or doing any of the other bad-animal-behavior I’ve seen some other kids do. I’m sure Camilla will be nervous for a little while with so much change, but in time I think it’ll all be good.

The rest of the move will happen this weekend. I’ve pretty much packed up my entire apartment, and Todd has cleaned out some of his to make room for me. Movers come on Saturday (predicting 80 degrees and sunny, which is good news) and I’m planning to spend the rest of the weekend unpacking as much as I can. I’m ready to feel settled! I’m not bringing all my furniture over, and some random catholic charity is coming to get a couple of things on Monday morning. In some ways it still feels like a lot to do, and in other ways I think we’re almost there.


cliebs said...

I am really so excited for you! Sounds like you are almost to the end of it, only a few more steps until you are completely settled. So glad Camilla is taking it like a champ!! Oh, and you can come visit me and your old microwave cart whenever you want!

Rena said...

Sounds like a very smooth move for you and Camilla! I'm sure she'll love having more people around to give her attention. Thanks for the update! It all sounds so exciting :)

ellebee said...

Poor Camilla! I'm glad it hasn't been too stressful on her - moving cats is never fun. Good luck with the rest of the move.

Tina said...

I'm sooo happy to hear that Camilla is trooping through. :) I hope the weekend with the kids goes well.

And I'm SOOOO happy that you're about to be settled in with Todd. Makes me all smiley!!

Anonymous said...

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