Monday, April 13, 2009

Woe is Me (Apparently)

I’m sorry that I’m such a sporadic blogger these days. I really do miss blogging on a regular basis, but I can’t seem to find a new rhythm that allows for both daily blogging and the time now spent on homework. I’m thinking of all of you often, though!

I’m feeling particularly stressed these days. The move is coming up fast and furious and my apartment is both a mess and only half packed. I need to go secure a storage unit for us tonight, buy more boxes, and get some more packing done. I have more bags to donate to the church around the corner from me, but their thrift shop has the incredibly inconvenient operating hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There’s more, but listing all that I have to do feels a bit like whining and also stresses me out a bit as I think about all that needs to happen. So that’s all you get on that front for now.

I’m in the homestretch for the semester. Sadly, of course, the homestretch includes lots of work, but still, some downtime is on the horizon. I got my final assignment for one of my classes two weeks ago and haven’t done anything on it. I know that a more organized, ambitious, and proactive student would be diligently working away so that she wouldn’t be crazed at the end...I seem not to be that student despite knowing I’d be better off if I were. Someone should tell professors that they can’t keep giving out weekly papers if they expect students also working full time jobs to start on their finals early.

Oh, yeah, and I had someone tell me the other day that taking two classes at a time while working a full-time job really didn’t sound like that much. I thought it was both rude and showed a serious lack of understanding on his part.

Sorry—this post has turned into a big complaining fest, which probably isn’t so fun to read.


Dorrie said...

WTF? Who thinks taking two classes and working isn't hard? Screw them! I know you're working hard!
I have resolved never to move again unless I can afford to have some pack all my crap for me - so I feel your pain.
I'm sending good thoughts your way that everything improves soon!

Tina said...

Do not apologize. You have A LOT on your plate.

For the schmuck that said it didn't sound like much - he took Rocks for Jocks and Math for Poets in college and was therefore able to add in Bumper-Sticker Psychology without breaking a sweat. And he probably still got C's. Ignore him. He's an idiot. Learning to retain and benefit from it whilst also working and having a life is damn hard. Anyone who tells you it isn't hasn't done it.

Eyes on the Prize, honey. You're almost there. :) (And I'm still so freaking proud of you!!)

Tori said...

Thanks, you guys! It's nice to know I'm not crazy!

BTW, Tina, I love that I'm not even through the first semester and you're telling me I'm almost there. I have 2 years left! :)