Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacation Review

After more than a week of the pampered life, I’m back at work. Reentry has been what you’d expect. Many emails to read and more than a little lamenting over the fact that I’m not at home any more. Overall, though, it’s not too bad overall.

Here’s a little bit more about how I occupied myself during my week off. In addition to a few days in the country, I also did some inter-borough travel: Last Monday I went out to Queens to visit my cousin Colleen who I hadn’t seen in ages. It strikes me as ridiculous that we could live so close to each other but still get together so rarely. Life has a way of intervening, though, and it had been over a year since our last visit. In that time she’s had another beautiful baby, who I got to meet for the first time on Monday. And even though Queens is the epicenter of the New York swine flu outbreak, I seem to have come through unscathed. :)

I went to the Wednesday matinee of Mary Stuart, too. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a Wednesday matinee; even though I knew those audiences skewed older, I was taken aback by how many white-haired-heads I saw around me. And they kept their stereotype alive and strong with much hard-candy opening and wrapper crinkling. Unfortunately, I found the show a bit soporific. I had heard good things about it, but I just couldn’t get into it at all.

I also had a good amount of time to laze about and do very little. I watched some Netflix, read The History of Love and most of The Subtle Knife, and just enjoyed the free time. It was good while it lasted.


Tina said...

Sounds BLISSFUL. A week of just lazing around time. :)

Josh said...

We were underwhelmed by Mary Stuart also. I liked Janet McTeer a lot, but the play was sort of dull. I got what they were doing, but I didn't really care all that much. If you get a chance, see Next to Normal, Hair (both excellent), or God of Carnage (slight but funny, and the cast is great).