Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mad Men? Mad Tweets

Do many of you twitter? I know a few of you do, and I wish the rest of you would, too. It would just give me one more way to keep up with you all minute by minute.

I posted a twitter a few weeks ago about how I wish that my wardrobe was a lot more like Betty Draper's. And it's true--I love most of the clothes on Mad Men, but I just think I could really rock the Betty Draper look (minus all the cigarettes and depression). Later that night, "Betty Draper" started following me on Twitter. Out of curiosity I checked out her twitter feed and attached website. Since then, "Ken Cosgrove" and "Peggy Olson" have also started following me—all based on one comment about Betty Draper's clothes! I did a little twitter searching and, no surprise, there is also a feed for Pete Campbell, Don Draper, and many other characters as well.

I assume that it's just a bunch of random fans who each grabbed one character's name and not a single person or a group of Mad Men-obsessed friends. I'd be curious to know for sure, though. I also wonder how many other shows have this. I mean, are there people twittering as if they're Jack, Sawyer, and Locke, too? What about Captain Adama, Gaius Baltar, Starbuck, and Sharon? It's like fan fiction you can interact with, and it's bizarre.

What shows/characters would you want to twitter as? If I were sassy enough, I'd try to be Veronica Mars. Hmmm...maybe I should see if there is a Twitter version of Logan Echolls out there.


rena said...

Oh, Logan! I miss that show. I love that Battlestar Galactica characters were included in your post!

I tried twitter for a minute but I gave it up.

kk said...

If there are kids pretending to be Lee Bollinger, random people twittering as show characters doesn't seem a stretch. Yet I still suspect evil marketing ploys (which, ha, especially funny vis a vis Mad Men)!

kk said...

And to answer your question -- hands down -- I'd love to twitter as almost any of the Buffy characters. Especially Anya with her very unedited view of the world.

anne said...

KK- I second wanting to pose as Anya. Or Willow (dark or not) every now and then.

And Betty's wardrobe! It makes me long to sacrifice my entire line of credit at the nearest Anthropologie.