Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Fashion

I used to love the Oscars, but something hasn't really clicked the last few years. They just seem to get more and more boring. I thought Hugh Jackman was a great choice for the host, though he should have been more visible throughout the show. He started out strong (loved his opening number) but faded throughout the night. I'm the right demographic for a song and dance number, but that routine with Beyonce was just bad.

There weren't many surprises for me in terms of the actual awards, either, which made it less exciting. This was the first year in many that I wasn't in a pool, and I wish I had been. I performed very well, so I think I could have taken home some cash. And where were the emotional speeches? Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn got me the most with their political angles. The rest were just blah.

All this is to say, though, that the fashion is the most interesting thing to recap. Below are my two favorite and two least favorite dresses of the night.

My absolute favorite was the dress Penelope Cruz wore. Since she started acting in English I've often found her annoying, but she does know how to rock a poofy skirted dress. Do you guys remember her 2007 Oscar frock? Beautiful!

Anne Hathaway is beautiful no matter which way you slice it, but she looked extra stunning and statuesque on Sunday night. It's too bad that she couldn't have done her dance number in it, because this dress is way prettier than the one she changed into to play Frank Langell/Nixon.

I don't even know what to say about Reese Witherspoon. This dress is just not cutting it. She's lovely but this dress is not. It's too bad, too, because she's looked gorgeous other Oscar nights.

And possibly the worst of the worst: Jessica Biel. The dress was wrinkled and puffed out in a really unflattering way. Her hair was gross looking (very greasy), and overall she just looked like a nightmare.


ellebee said...

I agree - Penelope Cruz - gorgeous! And, I also loved Tina Fey's gown. :)

rena said...

Jessica's dress was awful!

anne said...

Yes, Cruz's gown was just beautiful; I loved her so much in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, so it was great to see her win.

As for Oscars ceremony overall--I enjoyed several of the things they did this year (Hugh's whole opening bit, the overview of comedies by Seth Rogan and James Franco, Tina Fey and Steve Martin's banter, and the randomness of Ben Stiller) BUT I *hated* the later spasmodic, senseless medley-tribute to movie musicals, which I fear might prevent another one from ever being made. You know I'm usually the first one to cheer for a musical theater number, but could such a tribute happen in a year when, say, a really great movie musical was nominated for an Oscar?

And yeah, very predictable, hum-drum results--though they helped me do well in the pools: I came in second (by one point) in the MH pool and first in another.