Saturday, January 24, 2009


This week was my first week of classes in the new program. Class #1 was a bit boring, as the prof covered nothing but housekeeping and the like for two hours. It's my most theory-based course, and I suspect it will not be my favorite—but such is the way in intro courses. The other class was off to a more interesting start as we dove right in to the content during our first meeting. All the other students I've met so far seem great, and both of my professors seem to have a lot to offer...including plenty of homework.

I am trying to adjust my schedule to make room for so much more to do. Rather than sacrifice every evening to homework, I've taken to getting up an hour (ok, more like 45 minutes after I snooze, but I'm trying for an hour) earlier to get some quiet reading time in. I think it's a good system. Once I actually drag myself out of bed, I find it easier to stay focused in the morning than any other time. It's just actually getting out of the warm and comfy bed that's the challenge. I'm going to try to stick with it, though. I'm feeling a little pooped right now, no doubt because I'm in the beginning of my limited-sleep experiment and because I generated a lot of anxiety for myself about class. I'm not so great with change and the unknown. :)

Long story short, I am no doubt in for a lot of work in the coming weeks, months, and years, but I think I'm going to like flexing that gray matter again, too.


Tina said...

I think the morning study idea is really good. It'll start the brain ticking over for the day and keep you thinking about your studies all day. :) Good plan!

Kris said...

Wow! I admire your ambition. It's actually inspiring. Tell us more about the classes that you're taking --subjects, details, etc.!