Monday, January 26, 2009

Good is Good Enough

I recently read this quote by Voltaire (no Shannon, not your musical BFF): “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

It resonated with me. I’m a perfectionist and sometimes choose to not participate, not complete something, or not even try something out of fear that it won’t be perfect. Isn’t it better to send a friend an email birthday greeting than not send anything at all because I didn’t have time to create a personalized handmade card? Isn’t it better to join in the game and have fun rather than worry that I won’t be coordinated enough to be the star of the show?

Being a perfectionist is great when I actually perfect something. I feel accomplished and get the affirmations I love. But there are undoubtedly times that I hold myself back because of it, too, and I’d rather embrace the “good” more.


Tina said...

Well said. I really like that.

Spooky said...

no Shannon, not your musical BFF

He's getting married soon. I'd be more depressed if I weren't wildly in love with Micah or if Voltaire weren't 42. But damn, he's hot.

That aside, I've seen that Voltaire quote somewhere else recently, and I also really dig it.