Thursday, January 29, 2009

I feel like a slacker

It’s interesting how much making a commitment—really deciding that I’m going to do something and stating that goal out loud—affects my actions. Here we are less than a month past Blog 365, and I’m a total blog slacker. I didn’t really find Blog 365 that hard to achieve, and I really loved putting something up there everyday. And yet, here I am with nothing cooking on this blog now that the year has ended.

It’s true that I have less time right now, and I know that’s a part of it. I’m doing homework before and after work, and my job keeps me busy with actual work rather than offering up blogging time these days.

Still, in an effort to keep up blogging appearances, here’s some of what I’ve been up to lately:

Last weekend was a great one. Rena was in town, and we had a great time catching up over a fairly healthy dinner (even though we both really wanted gorgonzola bread). Then it was off to Carole’s gig at Sugar Bar. I had so much fun! I had a chance to catch up with Josh and Todd on Saturday. How can we all live in the same place and still never get together? It’s just not right. I hadn’t seen them since before the holidays, so it was a treat. And we ate at the Clinton Street Baking Company which I’d never been to before and really loved. Apparently they have a killer brunch, too.

This weekend, I think, will be just as good. Jen’s in town tomorrow, and we’re hitting the movies. There are so many good ones that I haven’t seen! Saturday will be even more film fun, as Todd and I double date with Anne and Aaron. Unrelated: I never really noticed before that we’re two same-initial couples.

Interspersed, of course, will be lots of reading.

And now, I have a meeting starting (see all that real work they want me to do?) so I have to stop writing. More to come soon as I try not to become too lazy on the blogging front.


rena said...

I'll be here whenever you decide to post, slacker :)

ellebee said...

No worries! Just post when you can (or when you feel like it). One of the things I really like about your blog is that even during Blog 365 you rarely posted "fluff" just to get past a day. Your writing is worth waiting for. :)

Tina said...

I second Rena and Laura. Always worth waiting for, and I'm always waiting (patiently) out here to read your thoughts. :)