Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be Mine, Coraline

I’m not really a big believer in Valentine’s Day. While it’s always nice to tell people you love them, the holiday seems too consumer-driven and artificial for me to get too excited about it. It’s more meaningful to tell people throughout the year what they mean to you, and I hope I succeed in doing that.

All this is to say that I wasn’t looking for a dozen roses and a standard V-Day outing on Saturday. Instead, Todd treated me and Dylan to Coraline in 3-D. It was great! I’ve never read the novella by Neil Gaiman, so I went in without any adaptation-related complications. I loved the movie! It was just creepy enough and extremely well done. The 3-D effects were excellent, too; their quality was immediately evident and outclassed everything we saw in the 3-D previews. They didn’t go for any of the cheap reach-out-and-grab-you 3-D moments, though, and just used it to make the movie look great. I’d recommend seeing it in 3-D if you have a theater close to you. If you don’t, though, the storytelling and movie won’t be compromised. You should still see it.

I’m adding this to my reading list, too.


anne said...

Thanks for the review; I'm so excited to go see this--and to read the book (which is on its way through the mail to me right now). Laura will be reviewing this film adaptation for FWR, so look for that soon!