Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daughter of Fortune

My latest read is Isabel Allende's Daughter of Fortune. My copy, sadly, also sports the Oprah seal of approval. Hopefully the other subway riders didn't think I was some Oprah-following sheep!

Seriously, though, the book took me a fairly long time to get into. The story is really split into two parts: the first introduces us to Eliza, an orphan, the British family who adopts her, and their home in Chile. I have to admit that this first section--a pretty big portion of the book--moved very slowly. It's only once Eliza runs off to California during the gold rush that the book picked up. Still there weren't a lot of surprises. Plot lines are not always tied up neatly (which I appreciate, and which gave Allende the opportunity to continue the story in Portraits in Sepia), but none went in an unexpected direction, either.

I already have Portraits in Sepia, and by the end I liked Daughter of Fortune enough to give the follow-up a chance. But this isn't for anyone looking for a book that will grab you instantly.