Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I find myself getting kind of annoyed at things that people do, but apparently other people don't think they are annoying at all. I say apparently, because multiple people are doing the same thing that I think is so annoying. And if I'm the only person who thinks that Annoying Thing X is annoying, maybe it's really just me, you know?

I recognize, objectively, that I should just let Annoying Thing X (and the myriad of other things that annoy me) go. I'm the only one irritated--all the Annoying Thing X-ers are just going through their lives not even knowing how annoyed I am (I'm being slightly passive aggressive here, I know). So my negativity is seriously hurting only me. Plus, everyone has quirks, habits, flaws, etc., and I'd really like to be an easy going person who is able to just accept those around me without any qualifiers.

Who has tips for being that accepting? I could use them. Even with my academic knowledge that I want to be more go-with-the-flow, it's hard for me not to become aggravated. I should probably take the shrink wrap off the yoga mat I bought six months ago and actually go to yoga. Maybe that would help.

PS: If anyone really cares to know what Annoying Thing X is, just email me. I don't feel like sharing it here, but if anyone is curious, I'll 'fess up. The one condition is that you have to then tell me the truth about whether it is annoying or not. That will help me figure out if I'm being overly sensitive or if a lot of the world's people really do belong on the ugly end of this rant.


kimberly kinchen said...

I theorize that it's fine to be annoyed as that's just human. Yet I still cling to the hope that those who most annoy me will change, and even more absurd, probably, that they should WANT to change. That second part is the rub. Why can't I just be annoyed and leave it at that? And why should you feel compelled to let it go?

Kristinn said...

Oh goodness! You definitely must email me Annoying Thing X because I am one of those people who will do my very best to change if I realize I am doing something that is annoying to others. Really & truly -- do tell!!! :)

S Bennett said...

I just emailed you because I want to know what the thing is, but I would think that the Annoying Thing X is probably more annoying when a generally annoying person does it and less annoying when a likable person does it. I know that people I like do annoying things, and goodness knows, I do a lot of annoying things, but somehow, a few people manage to still like me.

Of course, now I'm just going to guess what Annoying Thing x is.

Picking fingernails
Tapping fingers
Saying "was like" instead of "said"
Being late
Being early
Forgetting appointments
Calling meetings for no reason
Being late to meetings and keeping me waiting 'cause your time is so damn more important than mine
Talking over other people in meetings
Forgetting anniversaries
Forgetting birthdays
Forwarding email conversations you are having about a person to that person
Talking too loud on a cell phone
Talking too loud on a phone so other people can hear
Not talking loud enough so you can't hear what the person is saying

Okay, I'm getting silly now, but those are a few things just off the top of my head . . . I hope I mentioned it in my list.

Tina said...

Ok - I must know what annoying Thing X is. :) and I LOVE S Bennett's list. The other one I would add is chewing gum with one's mouth open. That just makes my skin crawl. :)

Tori, email me , pleeeeez!!!