Thursday, March 6, 2008

Self Portrait 5: Pretending to be Diablo Cody

While in Boston with Shannon this past weekend, she and I pulled out her Velma Kelly wig and pretended I was hipper than I am.

I took this picture while Shannon was pinning the dress in the back. I was just fooling around, but of all the pictures I ended up taking, Shannon and I agreed that this one was the best. We liked that the angle was a little surprising.


ellebee said...

Cute! I love the shirt/dress on you, too.

Kristinn said...

For a while I realized all pix in my life were of Tim or the kids, so I finally got to a point where I started mandating Tim take pix of me! Later in life, my kids may think I didn't hang out with them or something. :) Anyway, all of this to say you're inspiring me to take more pix of me! :) And ones that are just for fun!!!