Monday, April 28, 2008

Bobo the sex maniac

Listen, y'all, I'm totally down with whatever unconventional things you want to do in your spare time, and this includes sex with strangers named Bobo. So if any of you are looking for just such an adventure, I can hook you up. I just randomly got the below message:

Hi! Am Bobo (for Roberto), 34 yrs old, looking for a partner to play cybersex (sex online), safe, discrete and... COOL! I have a webcam and can speak also French and Italian

I particularly enjoy that Bobo doesn't want to leave anything to chance regarding the various ways "cybersex" can be misinterpreted.


rg said...

He can help you learn French! Hot.

kimberly kinchen said...

that is so funny that I have nothing to contribute. peeyourpants funny. Mostly coz of the nickname.

Tina said...

Wow. You really do get all the good offers, dontcha? Multi-lingual cybersex (sex online) with Bobo - quoting Rena: Hot. :)

Kristinn said...

OMG - hilarious!!!