Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brunch-A-Month is born

Around New Year's, Todd and I cooked up a plan to try to get our friends together once month for a brunch somewhere around the city. The goal is to see people in person more than we currently do, and it would be great for more of our friends to know each other. This morning was our first ever brunch-a-month; we had it at Deluxe in Morningside Heights, and I was thrilled that so many friends came out to knosh and chat. The next will be held sometime in late February: more details to come on the brunch-a-month blog. Check it out!


rg said...

I'm so sad I missed it! I was on the east side brunching with the parental units. Next time :)

dillon designs said...

We had such a good time--can't wait for the next one. :o)

anne s. said...

I was sad to miss it but will be there next time for certain! Nice brunch-blog, too.