Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yesterday this year's Oscar nominations were announced. I'm usually a big fan of the Oscars; I love the red carpet and seeing all the fashions, and I usually try to see as many of the nominated movies as possible so I can make informed predictions about who will win. And in years past I've often either won or tied the pool I've entered. The one exception, when I didn't place at all, was the year Crash stole the best picture award from Brokeback Mountain. Losing the pool was just the icing on the cake of that disappointment.

But this year I'm having a hard time getting jazzed. I haven't seen most of the nominated movies, and though I'm hearing good things about some of them, I'm just not excited about most of them myself. And, of course, it's hard to feel invested since the ongoing writers' strike might preclude the event from happening at all. I'm sure I'll still see No Country for Old Men, and I'd like to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Away From Her. But I really don't care about I'm Not There, American Gangster, and so many of the others.

Am I the only one feeling lackluster about the Academy Awards this year?


rg said...

I'm sad that they probably won't have the ceremony but I'm having a contest on my blog and I'm giving away prizes! Something for nothing :) So get excited since you always get it right. Stealing your answers won me $85 last year!

Tori said...

Ok! I'll definitely get more excited if there are prizes! I'm toying with the idea of a mini movie marathon this weekend. Seeing more of the films will definitely help me get in the spirit.

rg said...

Away From Her is already on DVD :)

Tina said...

I'm having difficulty getting jazzed myself. I've not seen a single nominee. Ergh. I may have a go on Rena's contest, just for a shot at those earrings. :)