Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early thoughts on the New Hampshire primaries

I'm watching the New Hampshire primary results trickle in right now, and I find myself having some contradictory feelings about Hillary Clinton. I'm trying to figure out who I will vote for on February 5; of course, if Kucinich is still in the race, he'll get my vote. Given those slim chances, though, I know I need to figure out who my second choice is. Of the three front runners, Hillary is probably my least favorite in terms of her voting history and some of her proposed policies, like health care. Even knowing that she probably won't get my vote in February, I find myself rooting for her. It doesn't make any sense, but I did feel a little bad for her when she lost Iowa, and I feel a bit relieved to see that she's doing well so far in NH (as of this writing, she's got 40% of the vote with Obama at 36%). I won't become one of the voters I mock, the ones who vote based on their emotions and affection for a candidate instead of making an informed decision about various candidates' policies. Still, it is interesting to note that Hillary has gotten to me in this way.


Chocolat said...

I struggled with my vote on this poll after reading these two articles today on Obama - http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200712/obama
and Hillary - http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/08/opinion/08steinem.html

And at first I was swayed to Obama, heck even Edwards has an appeal, but after thinking about it none of them are going to do what they promised once they get into office; the gears and machinations of the position are too entrenched (cynical me) and so I feel like I'm just voting for a representation of the America I want to see. Women, especially working women, just aren't visible on the domestic and international stage. So I'm voting for Hillary. Yeah, she has baggage. She may not win against a Gulliani, but she is tough, strong and a woman. She is the America I'd like to see. And yes, she'll never do what I like (Bill didn't either honestly) but maybe she can balance the budget and eventually get us out of Iraq.

ellebee said...

I love the polling feature. Obviously, you know how I cast my vote. Are you sure you're not voting multiple times for Dennis? :)

RuthDFW said...

Well can't say that I agree with your vote - but isn't that what is wonderful about America.

Chocolat - I honestly believe Obama will be different, in many ways he has been already with the manner in which he has run his primary. In fact, this weekend, I am volunteering to call California voters - from my home in Texas.

All the best to AMERICA.

Suzanne said...

I haven't made up my mind yet, but the various PIRG surveys peg me as a Kucinich supporter.

Enjoying what I'm reading so far-it's nice to find a similar viewpoint in the Blogosphere.

The Hilary thing? I think it's because we're seeing a female do well in this thing. My mom once said that my kids would see her in the White House. Mom was a huge fan of Bella Abzug years ago and would have loved for it to be that lovely lady in the Oval Office.