Monday, November 30, 2009

End-Of-The-Month Slacker

Well, I came close to achieving NaBloPoMo, but I slacked off way too much over Thanksgiving weekend for it to be a complete success. Still, y'all got more posts earlier in the month than you normally would have, so NaBloPoMo served its purpose.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here in the city. It was the first time I didn't travel at all, and there was something wonderfully relaxing about not braving the crowds or facing the traffic. It was the right autumn to stay home.

Our friend Jane hosted us and some other friends in the afternoon for proseco and appetizers. We had to leave before the main course, unfortunately, but the real treat was catching up with everyone anyway.

Then it was on to the Bowery where we were volunteering. It's one thing to know that this is a hard year for people financially. It's something else to see how many people were lining up for the free dinner, though. We even saw some families with kids, which was heartbreaking, as you can imagine. And while the Bowery is too religious for my personal tastes, they do a great job. They were so organized and not only gave out meals but clothing and hygiene essentials, too. And I liked that we brought plates of food out to people seated family style around tables. It was more like a holiday meal than serving them cafeteria-style would have been. Overall, volunteering for Thanksgiving was a great experience and really reminded me to appreciate everything I have. As thankful as I was before Thursday, this put things into a whole new perspective.

The rest of the weekend was great, too (except for the hours of homework), but it deserves its own post. Maybe I'll post tomorrow and start December on the right track.


rena said...

Same story here. I was doing great up until this weekend. Oh well.

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! It's so great that you volunteered.

ellebee said...

Wonderful of you guys to volunteer - what a nice way to celebrate the holiday. And, we still got many posts in November, even if you didn't make it all the way to the end of NaBloPoMo. :) Love the new blog design, btw!

Tina said...

As usual, I second/third the above comments.

LOVE that you volunteered for Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed the day.

The new blog look is gorgeous! It's so cool how the scroll thingy happens over the stationary pattern. Love it.

And I was a slacker in Nov as well, but still it was really fab to see more of everyone and force myself to communicate more. :)