Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Not original, I know, but today's post is all about what I'm thankful for. Instead of saying friends, family, and health (which is all, of course, true), I'm saying today that I'm thankful for creation. Don't worry, I'm not going all Intelligent Design on you guys. Really, I'm thankful for feeling more creative for the last few months. There was a time when I was constantly working on a writing project, making pottery, learning what a crimping bead was so I could make my own jewelry, or doing something else fun and creative. I've been out of that mode for a while now, and without even realizing it, I was completely missing it.

Thanks to the encouragement of some friends and National Novel Writing Month, I've been doing far and away more writing in the last two months than I've done in the last two years. And even though NaNoWriMo has been a dismal failure in terms of word count (I'm thousands and thousands of words behind where I should be), I still consider it a personal success.

Now I need to collapse into a food coma.