Thursday, August 20, 2009

Green Mountain Bound

Today Todd and I take off for our long weekend in New England. We're flying up to Burlington tonight and will drive down to the center part of the state to my old hood on Friday. We'll have lunch with my dad, who will be meeting Todd for the first time. They are both pretty easy going, so I don't imagine there is anything to worry about, but it'll still be good to get the first introductions done.

Tomorrow night we reunite with a friend of mine from high school who I haven't seen in over a decade. I had hoped for a bigger group, but the other friend I wanted to see isn't free. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't run out of things to talk about while we're still eating appetizers!

The rest of the weekend will be spent with a childhood friend of Todd's. I've never met him or his wife in person, so I'll need fingers crossed on that front, too. In a perfect world we'll all hit it off smashingly!