Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rockaway Beach

Todd's bound and determined to turn me into a beach person. Yesterday Todd, the kids, and I piled on to the A train for a long, long ride out to Rockaway Beach. There aren't that many nice beaches close to NYC, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that Rockaway was so easily accessible by subway and a pretty nice beach to boot.

Todd, knowing that a key element in turning me into a beach person is shade, quickly set up an umbrella for me to hide under. I braved the sun enough to try to convince Sofia that the water was fun and not traumatic; it wasn't a roaring success, but she dipped her toe in a bit.

I was lounging under the umbrella reading for a while, when Todd convinced me that I should take a turn on the boogie board, too. Dylan and I swam out together and took turn trying to catch some waves. I had a couple of good runs and lots of poorly-timed attempts. It was a blast, and I was grateful, as I usually am, that Todd pushed me to try something I'd have easily skip on my own.

Everyone had a great time and most of us napped on the long subway ride home, too. It's raining again today, but if the sun comes out any other weekend this summer we may well go back.


Leslie said...

Never thought you would be a beach person! lol Just remember that sunblock . . . good for everyone, even those who don't burn so easily! lol

Tina said...

Wooo Hoooo boogie boarding! I'm so glad you tried it!

And woo hoo for whatever gets you out of the city on relatively painless public transport and involves sun, sand and surf! :)

rena said...

Don't go to the dark side! jk. Sounds like you had a great time! I'll convert you back to a mountain girl when you come to visit. That is if you were a mountain girl to begin with... or is that me? :)